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New Movie "Battle:L.A." Are We Being Warned/Desensitized?

March 3, 2011
    First off I will begin by asking the question; have you ever heard of the "Battle of L.A."?  It was an event that took place one night over Los Angeles, California in February 1942.  That event was one which the United States Military fired an array of weaponry upon an object that we all know of as a 'U.F.O.'.  This was WELL documented in news reports, photographs, and even several deaths due to the so called 'attack'.  This even predates the world famous "Roswell" incident from 1946.  If you do not know of the events please at least run a search engine qwery to LEARN. 
   Now I'll pose the question of which the answer seems obvious, I already know that MANY many people have NEVER heard of the L.A. 1942 event (of which is more that enough PROOF that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to space, and intelligent design), it would be logical to think that the individuals responsible for the movie 'Battle:L.A.' realize this; is it possible that they are trying to wake us up to what is looming on the horizon for us?
   Of course, if indeed that is the case, then no doubt extra terrestrials, the 2012 predictions, Iraq, Freemasonry, even ancient Sumeria are all most likely connected. Food for thought.


March 3, 2011

   Ok, so here is the big question that has been eating away in the backs of all our brains.  What, if anything, is going to happen in 2012. What will happen to us as a civilization and what will happen to our planet in December of 2012? Will it be another Y2K “hide in fear like sheep from the wolves” syndrome?  We will all hide under our beds, meanwhile NOTHING is happening.  Or is the Mayan prediction accurate?  Will there be an event on a massive scale that may cause, whether from outs...

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