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    This site was eventually spawned due to my (Jeremy) interest several years ago in Freemasonry and possibly joining the local lodge. I began to look into what exactly Freemasonry was, which has led me farther and farther into so many different areas of study. Needless to say upon further research into it (Freemasonry), I did not join.

   This website is not-for-profit and not-donation supported;  it is a FREE website created on my own time utilizing yola.com (which may not support the opinions or views expressed within this site); and is dedicated to education and intelligent conversations about (and not limited to) the audio, video, photo, and/or links provided, uploaded, and/or mirrored within this site.

Do not take my word for it. I urge everyone to do your own research. The information is out there.

Thanks for visiting and allowing your mind to be open, and not to be led as an autonomous object. Yes, ignorance is bliss, but... Knowledge is power!

The Project is..... Jeremy Deiman 




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