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About Anonymous: I do support the idea behind Anonymous (i.e. the movie 'V For Vendetta' as a starting point I guess.) I do not know how to "hack", many who are "Anonymous" do not "hack", and there are MANY. "Hacking" is not the idea. It's not to be malicious. Ideas do not have faces. Anonymous is the idea that we all are free individual people united together against corruption wherever it lies. If you take one down, one hundred more awaken. Freedoms and ideas cannot be killed. The striving for and the idea of freedoms will live forever. 
As you may have noticed, I'm not exactly anonymous, and many aren't. It's freedom of choice. Reasons may differ. For me? I'm not afraid to stand and make it known how I feel. Some things ARE worth dying for, like fighting the constant corruption and abuses of power which is leading to the genocide of billions of people and the possible destruction of planet Earth.
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